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                • Flat Aluminium

                • Flat Glass

                • Flat Bamboo

                • 1 gang switch with lamp

                • Reversing switch

                • 69mm 32A DP switch with lamp

                • T-1

                • T-2

                • T-3

                • T-4

                • T-5

                • T-6

                • Printed Pattern A

                • Printed Pattern B

                • Printed Pattern C

                • Printed Pattern H

                • Total White

                • Embossing A

                • Futina Introduction
                • Development Process
                • Honor & Qualification
                • Company Site
                • Project Cases

                Guangdong Futina Electrical Co., Ltd

                Guangdong Futina Electrical Co., Ltd, established in 1998 in Shunde-Chinese electrical appliance hometown, is a specialized enterprise in researching & developing, manufacturing and selling wiring device and electrical products. Futina has become one of the most representative enterprise in China, because of her strong technical force, professional products design, exquisite manufacture and innovative spirit.

                Futina were awarded “Foshan consumer-satisfaction enterprise” 6 times from 2005 to 2010; “2008 Guangdong famous brand” of switch & socket; “2009 excellent brand & service enterprise”;”2009 national high-tech enterprise” and “2011 wiring device leading brand" of one-touch switch.

                  • Hot-line: +86-757-25526532

                    Tel:+86-757-25526532 25339715 29201628


                  • E-mail:winnie@futina.com


                    Poster code:528322

                  • No.C06-1,Jiyue Indstrial Zone(II Phase),LIliu Port,Leliu Town,
                    Shunde District, Foshan City, Guang dong,Chnia


                Monday to Saturday 8:00-18:00

                (only close call)

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